What made you decide to be a writer? 

I never decided to be a writer.  I just always was one.  From a very young age I wrote stories in my head and on paper.  As life progressed, I just kept doing it.  I DID decide I was going to be a "writer", as in a career, and a dedication to it... this I decided recently, though I floundered with it for years.  But in the past 8 years I've tried to commit myself to it as best I could, after a lifetime of dreaming, I've realized it's time to put up or shut up. 


How do you feel about fan fiction?

I think fan fiction is a way for people who like to write to enjoy the universes of other writers in new ways.  I also think it contributes to a sort of consciousness of that universe that it wouldn't possess without fan participation.  There's thousands upon thousands of fan fiction stories out there, from Star Trek "slash" to Pokemon epics. And I think that's great. 


What is your fav lit genre? Fav Author, series?

I like sci-fi and general "lit" a lot.  Melville is my favorite author of all time, followed by Flaubert, and then more modern writers like Bruce Sterling and Theodore Sturgeon.  I've read a lot of sci-fi, but I've read a lot of so-called "literature" too.  I think it's important to read the classics. 


What do you think of YA genre? Do you like Goosebumps books?

I guess some of my work could be considered YA, but not much of it.  I do appreciate the genre, as obviously it was a serious part of my development.  I'd like to write something like the Robotech novels sometime, that would be fun.  Never read Goosebumps. 


What is your writing process like? Do you give yourself deadlines? How do you deal with writers block?

My writing process usually involves sitting at my desk, when it's very quiet, mostly late at night, and hunching over my mechanical keyboard and typing.  I tend to write five pages at a time, and then stop for a break, and that can last just one session, or a few hours.  When I really get into it, I really get into it. 

Having vague deadlines help, but I don't think about that much.  Things get done when they get done around here. 

Writer's block is tough.  Sometimes it's just laziness.  I've learned that you can't always depend on inspiration to write.  You have to learn how to write when you're not inspired, when it's just work.  Otherwise, you'll never accomplish anything. 


Do you outline your work?



Do you use specific software? Do you keep a journal with pics and notes like Guillermo del Torro?

I use Word.  Been using Word my whole life.  And I wish I could draw like Guillermo del Torro!!!


How do you jump between so many projects at once, especially ones seemingly so different in tone?

I'm not sure.  I have a short attention span.  Sometimes it's hard to put on the brakes, and sometimes I'm ready for a break.  I know it's a bit nutty, but it's what I do.    


If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?