Brainstorming / The Green Man

I didn't get as much writing done yesterday as I would have liked.  I still got about ten pages done, maybe more, but that's not enough.  I did spend a lot of time writing but not writing though -- brainstorming for the next section of Del & Huck, "The Hellish West".  

I knew that Del and Huck would depart the Good Lich's tower and head West, hoping to find a gate to the land of Iska, but I didn't know what trials they would face.  I did know they would be "hellish" though, before they found more peaceful repose in a forest prior to getting to Iska.  

But after agonizing over it all day, I finally figured it all out, mostly.  They come across some bad omens on their way, one of which I find particularly harrowing, and then have to face nightmarish creatures they barely survive, before finding the first guardian to the magical forest where they will get some peace.  

I was doing research on "The Green Man", and Tolkien's "Tom Bombadil" in anticipation of Del & Huck meeting up with my own interpretation of this pagan character.  My version will be named "Verdantus", using the word "verdant", and Del and Huck will have a day or two of peace while they stay with the man of the wilds.