Fan Fiction Thoughts

It's 9PM here in Arizona.  It's dark outside, and hot -- maybe in the high seventies, or maybe still in the eighties, I don't know.  I've been working on part two of Del & Huck, "The Hellish West".  I know where the story is going for the next hundred pages or so now, so I feel pretty satisfied with myself and comfortable with proceeding.  

I did a lot of thinking about self-publishing today, and I am still a big believer in it.  I figured a way to distribute my books I can't sell -- the fan fiction -- by including free copies with purchases of other books on the website.  I'll just have a check box of what free book a customer wants, and that will be it.  

Just because some of this stuff is fan fiction doesn't mean it's any less important to me, or any less serious a project.  I take this shit very seriously.  

I've also been thinking about my other novel, The Year I Slept, a lot, and I've decided to sell that and Del & Huck both digitally and in print over Amazon, etc. using Createspace.  The fan club will get a set collection of books, but these two books will be for sale only, I think.  

I worked on The Year I Slept very heavily for about five days two weeks ago, then hit my limit.  It's a very emotional book for me, and it's tough to write. But I'm now feeling ready to get back to it and I've had some revelations about it I hadn't had before.  

I'm about half done writing this iteration, which is novel length, as opposed to its last length of a novella.  At first it was only like thirty pages.  Boy has it grown.  I think I have a handle on it now though.