I find it difficult to focus on one project at a time.  I can manage for a week or so, but I will eventually get distracted by something else that's shiny.  While I've been frustrated by this for a lot of my work life, I'm finally beginning to accept it, and learning how to control it.  

For instance, I will tell myself, "I'm going to write to this part in ________ project.  And then I'm going to this other project."  For the past two months I have been doing this, and working on a kind of carousel, and it's been working great.  Let's face it, I have a short attention span (don't we all?) and that's the only way I think I can work now.  

That's another reason I am into the "mini books" now.  I need to build these novels in increments, or otherwise I just can't handle it.  In setting small goals, in both writing and publishing, I'm hoping to be more productive.