Midnight Update

Evening, folks.  It's midnight here, and I'm drinking wine and sweating my ass off in this hot weather.  I don't know if the wine is helping or hindering.  Everyone here is asleep except for me, and I'm just sitting here contemplating my projects, and about do the final round of editing on "Crumbling Sky Volume One".  Like I said earlier, I'm modestly impressed with myself as far as this book is concerned, but also with The Void Crusade as well.  I feel like I finally know what I'm doing after years of floundering with writing.  It takes a long time to write something decent, they never tell you this.  I'm a believer in that I think all books are divine, like Jorge Luis Borges said, but a lot of books are disposable too.  I don't want to make art that's disposable.  I want to make stuff that's timeless.  That's all I've ever wanted. 

So I'm hoping to finish Crumbling Volume One tonight, as I finished Void Crusade yesterday, and tomorrow I should be getting the first edition of Doc Masterson in the mail, and I will edit that next.  That will be the second fan club book I think, after Void Crusade, though I do hope to sell Doc Masterson at some point after another rewrite, but I want to put it out there amongst friends and see what people think. 

So I ordered a bunch of copies of Void Crusade now that it's done, and some of you might receive that before you receive Crumbling.  But I hope to order Crumbling tomorrow so that will be coming soon too. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on both these works.  Crumbling needs more time to cook, and who knows what I might need to change, but Void Crusade is fucking done.  I have no complaints about that at all, and I'm ready to close the door on it, and move on to the next Void Crusade episode. 

So that's pretty much that for those projects.  I've arranged for a hardcore editor friend to look at my more important, hopefully sellable projects, "The Year I Slept", and "Del & Huck".  I plan on self-publishing these in the next couple months.  They won't be for free in the fan club, but will be for sale on Amazon, etc.  Don't worry though, there will still be books coming to the fan club -- I write like a maniac.