Mail Call!

Finished reading through and editing one of my secret books today.  Sorry, I can't disclose what it is, for complicated reasons.  But I am sending it to a few friends and wanted to clean it up a bit.  Been working on it for a few years with a co-author.  

I got two of my other proofs in the mail today, for Astyanax, and Year I Slept.  I don't know how I feel about doing Year I Slept as a mini-book now, might just finish it and publish it whole.  I have to talk to a friend about that.  Astyanax, however, which I published in hardback with a case-wrap cover, looks fucking amazing.  

I was supposed to get Doc Masterson and Del & Huck too today, but they're in some kind of Fedex limbo apparently.  

I'll probably leave Year I Slept alone for now, though I have been planning to get back to its rewrite next week and trying to finish it if I can.  But tomorrow I will go through Astyanax and edit that up.  That should be a quick job.  It's a standalone story (for now) so it's a smaller project. I tell you though, it looks good in case-wrap.  Maybe I'll do that on occasion, it looks great.