Self-Publishing Future

I was thinking about it today, and while a lot of people look down on self-publishing, I'm really really into it.  I don't really like the publishing industry or that whole rigmarole, and I would much rather be left alone to do my own thing and engage my fans directly.  It might be nice to have a publisher behind me, but I would still like to do things my way, and I don't know if that would work out.  Like I said, I like being left alone.  

I spent the whole night putting together PDF's for Evil Summer and Leucothoe, and now they're waiting for approval by Amazon.  So hopefully, next week I can begin selling books and you may buy some.  :)

It's a beautiful day here in Arizona, and I'm going to spend the time sitting outside, but also making my edits to the file of my secret project I am working on, as well as go through the proof of Astyanax, a Fan Club book I hope to send out in May.