Audio Explorations

Spent the day working on a couple things... first of all, I recorded myself reading about half the poems of Evil Summer before I got exhausted.  I put music to one of them, and it's below.  I'll probably put music to all of them, just sounds better that way I guess.  I'm happy with them, they sound ok.  I want to put out a podcast of them.  

I'm also going to record videos of myself reading stuff, but I haven't figured out that yet.  I will probably put music and maybe some abstract stuff in there as well.  Don't know.  

I also started working on the Fan Club newsletter which was a nice distraction from real work.  It's just kind of silly and fun.  

I spent the day waiting for a proof of Leucothoe, but it never came.  It is supposed to arrive tomorrow, on Saturday I guess.  Excited to see it.  I hope it worked out, I want to get it out there pronto.