The Effeminate Alfred Theory

There had been a tendency in recent years to make Bruce Wayne's Alfred into a tougher, more manly character (Gotham, recent comics), but I've headed in the other direction in "Your Dream of Dark Angels", finally accepting Alfred as the effeminate, homosexual mother-figure that he most obviously is.  From as far back as the 1960s TV series, this is the way he has been represented (in my view), and I'm just looking to enhance that persona with my own writing. 

Wayne needs a mother figure more than he needs a father figure anyway.  He needed to be comforted with the death of his parents, rather than be met by stoic, male feelings. I think that's the key, as motherly Alfred suited this perfectly, and provided not only emotional support, but cleaned up after him, cooked for him, did his laundry, etc.  

But does Alfred take lovers?  I don't know about that.  I imagine that, when comforting the boy, Alfred is a sexless creature, but as Bruce grows older, does Alfred find he needs love in his own life?  

I haven't decided yet, but I have tried to imagine what sort of lover Alfred might have.  Someone sophisticated, but also more "male" than he is (Alfred is no doubt the "bottom". )

I've still turning these ideas over in my head as I cook them.  We'll see what happens.