Wonders of Women

It's so amazing how many men are frightened of strong women. I recently read this, Grant Morrison's new Wonderwoman comic, where he really gets into the meat of how a matriarchy would work, and it's endlessly fascinating. In Morrison's hands, this island is definitely no utopia, but of course neither is our own world. I know so many men who are "anti-feminist" and the same thing with women as well. Obviously feminism is complicated, and no one agrees on everything, but the vitriol going on these days is sickening. Now, the creator of wonder woman was a man who lived with two women, his wife, and another woman who slept with both of them, and he was fascinated by "sexual submission" -- see Wonder Woman's lasso of truth. If anybody on earth has ever been a feminist, this guy was.

Me and Gregg wrote our own feminist tome a couple years ago, "The Oldest War" -- about the battle between men and women -- and we're still rewriting it for eventual self-publication, and what's going through my head a terms like "mother capitalism", "maternal democracy", and Grant Morrison's term, "Loving authority".

Women are as human as men are, and I don't want to elevate them on a pedestal. But maybe we could use a little bit more maternal qualities in our civilization, where right wing gas bags complain about women wanting birth control while their television commercials advertise viagra and testosterone supplements....