Miscellaneous Workings

I've been knee deep in the rewrite of "The Year I Slept", but that doesn't mean I haven't been spending a little time with other projects.  In fact, I'm closing in on the end of the first part of "Doc Masterson and the Prisoner of TIme".  My plan is to release this as a serialized novel. I have a lot of interest in serialized fiction, which is of course inspired by the current nature of TV these days.  I like the episodic format, honestly.  Some books don't fit that category, but Masterson definitely does.  

IN the meantime I've also submitted the unabridged print version of "Love in the Time of Dystopia" to my editor to clean it up a bit before I print it for real. I plan on doing another contest with this one, on Goodreads, and on Amazon.  I like doing that.  IT's fun.