Early May Update

Well, "To Brave the Crumbling Sky: The Cardboard Spaceship" is pretty done, and is just sitting with my editor in the final proofread before I have the interior designed and get it ready to go.  Gonna do a new cover for it, something more professional and related to the book.  Kind of excited about that.  

Have a new editor looking at "The Year I Slept".  I've been sitting on this for a year since I finished it, but I rewrote the ending last night and sent it off to the editor, and she's gonna help me get it into shape.  Don't know if I'll self publish this one or not.  Haven't decided.  

Then the next project is cleaning up Crumbling Sky Volume 2, so I can send that to the first editor at the end of the year or earlier.

As far as new, real writing, I'm kind of thinking it's time to finish the Kalachthon or my fantasy novel, "Del and Huck".  Don't know which.