Meet Author J.M. Northup!

Who’s your favorite author?

My favorite authors are Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

Which book or books have most informed you as a writer?

I don’t think there’s a book that has really informed me as a writer, per se.  I’ve learned the most from the veteran authors I have befriended and my publisher, Creativia (a.k.a. Miika Hannila). 

When did you realize you wanted to write?

I started writing at a very young age.  However, I set it aside to raise my family.  Once my children were grown, my husband encouraged me to pick up my writing again… and thankfully I listened.  It has brought a forgotten passion back into my life!

What was your last completed project?

I joined my first anthology with some friends.  We did a holiday-themed collection of short romances called, FLAWED PERFECTION: A Collection of Winter Wishes.  It includes works by Simone Beaudelaire, Marnie Cate, Jude Ouvrard, Taylor Dawn, Savannah Morgan, and me, J.M. Northup

What are you working on now?

I am working on book one in my new young adult book series.  It is entitled, SIREN COVE. 

What is your writing “process” typically like?

Honestly, it is hard for me to shut my brain down.  That being said, I get an idea and run with it… and usually have about ten works running at a time.  However, the project I primarily focus on will depend on whichever character won’t stop talking to me.  It sounds odd, but all writers will understand when I say, it really is the characters that drive the story. 

How do you combat writer’s block?

I move my cat!  LOL
Seriously, I don’t really get writer’s block, but when I do feel drained or lack motivation, I delve into a good book or movie.  The creative juices get stirred by the excitement I feel.  I hope that doesn’t sound too weird?  What I mean to say is the best muse is beautiful art that inspires me.

Where do your ideas come from?

Mainly, my ideas are from my dreams, but some are born simply from my curiosity in a subject.  I like to research so it isn’t hard to find something to zero in on and expand upon.

What’s your greatest challenge as a writer?

Social media!  LOL
Meeting amazing readers and writers is the best part of publishing, but I hate promoting.  I do it, as it is essential, but I really don’t prefer to be on social media if I don’t have to.  I would rather read a book, write, crochet, or enjoy time with my family.  My cat, Emma is pretty fun to chill with, too.  She watches TV with me.  

And what has been your greatest triumph (so far)?

My greatest triumph was the biggest compliment of my career – the daughter of another writer messaged me and said my novel, FELINE FASCINATIONS: The Adventures of Boris and Olga was her favorite book.  She said my book taught her how to interact with and understand her cat, and now, her kitty not only sleeps with her, but doesn’t bite her as much anymore!  LOL



Thank you, J.M.!!!!