Writer's Suck

There's another side to writer's block where you're being productive but kind of in a counterproductive way - by writing drivel.  I term this "Writer's Suck".  This is kind of where I've been lately. And while I'm not saying everything one writes in this sort of period is terrible, it certainly always feels that way. 

I've had a lot of stuff on my mind - my parents health, financial concerns, publishing stuff, etc. etc. and I've been having a real hard time concentrating on writing in any sort of serious way. I've been writing in dribbles. And I've been unhappy with the results.  

It's hard sometimes to close out the world and just focus your brain the way it sort of is necessary to in order to write. I can't enclose my mind in my stories, I can't lose myself in sentences. 

I feel very frustrated right now, as I feel adrift when I'm not being productive. There's so much I want to write, and when I'm going nowhere with it, it's enormously annoying. 

I have gotten some work done in the past couple days, but it's been achingly slow. 

I'm wasting a lot of time. 

I'm hoping this clears up soon, but I really feel helpless.