Short Thoughts on the Long Form

I have been thinking today about some projects I have that are ALMOST done - including my straight up fantasy novel, "Great Adventure! - A Saga of Dream and Sword", which is about 350 pages, and just needs to be rewritten a little with a little bit added to the last third of it and it will be complete. This is the longest novel I've ever written, but I feel that it needs more stuffing to be complete - and won't be as stark as some of my other work. 

I wish I could just wrap it up in a week and be done with it, and I imagine I could if I lived in a different universe where I was ten times as productive, but as it is, it will probably linger for months with me tinkering with it before it's done. What does exist right now was completed in record time, but to finesse it where it's a lot nicer of a novel, that's going to take time. 

I don't write a lot of short stories anymore, and when I try they often become novels or novellas. I'm not in love with the short form, not even in my poetry (my newest poetry book will be about 150 pages), but I am a long-form writer, and there's no two ways about that. Though my first two novels are relatively short, they're still novels that took years of time to complete, and that's just that. 

I just don't have a lot of interest in short stories, and when I do, like I said, I tend to eventually expand them so they are longer and deeper. I'm just not into short pieces. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just a novelist and a poet, and not so much a short story writer. 

Maybe cause I desire a little heft in my projects, I don't know. I just find that I have more to say than a short story allows, even with my stark, "cut everything" style. 

I like the novel. That's what I grew up reading. Short stories are good, I agree. I'm just not interested in writing them.