One Performance

Today I was recalling something the modern composer Meredith Monk once said, about a recording just being "one performance" - but one you're stuck with for the rest of your life. I think about my forthcoming novel, "The Year I Slept" in that way. I've been meditating on what it is, and what got cut out, and the parts of it people will never see. There's always multiple versions of books, but this one stings a bit for me, because I'm always feeling like I need to add to it. Things were forgotten, things were cut, and other things were never considered. Maybe someday someone will go through these drafts and see what I finally cut, and they'll think and write upon it. For now, it's just between me and my editor. 

Either way, like a Meredith Monk recording, I'm stuck with it for life.  There's only going to be one version of this book, and I've finally decided upon it.  While I'm considering digging up my first book, "The Cardboard Spaceship" and making some changes, I have no inclination to do that with "The Year I Slept", which I am certain, is DONE. 

As I wait to hear back from my first readers and reviewers, I wonder how it will be received. Either way, I did my best, and I'm convinced the artistic choices I made were the right ones.