Meet Author Jen Selinksy!

Who’s your favorite author?

I have too many which I could list, but the first one who comes to mind is Victor Hugo.  Even though I’ve only read Les Misérables twice, I’d say that was a bit of an accomplishment since it was the unabridged version.  My paperback copy fell apart after only two reads, so I downloaded it to my Kindle.

To see what other authors I like, please visit my Goodreads page.

Which book or books have most informed you as a writer?

There are so many books which teach and inform me.  That’s another list which is far too long for this interview, but one of my favorites is How I Write by Janet Evanovich.  I had the privilege of corresponding with her a few years back, and it really meant a lot to me when she wished me good luck with my writing!

When did you realize you wanted to write?

I started writing a little when I was twelve, but I didn’t fully realize that I was a writer until I was fifteen.  Sadly, very few of my childhood works remain.

What was your last completed project?

My last completed project was my first children’s book, Bunny’s Song, which can be found on Amazon, Pen It! Publications, and Buy Me Books Now.  The last of the three sites offers signed copies of authors’ books shipped to the buyer’s house!

What are you working on now?

I am working on too many things to list here!  Two of my upcoming projects include an entrée cookbook and a second adult coloring book.

What is your writing “process” typically like?

I get ideas in my head, and I try to record them before they are lost completely! 


How do you combat writer’s block?

I try to read and listen to my favorite music.  Music is often a great source of inspiration to me.  When I do suffer from writer’s block, it’s usually very short-lived, then the ideas come back with a vengeance!

Where do your ideas come from?

Lots of my ideas often come to me at random.  Many of my ideas can come from happenings in everyday life, as well as things I often fantasize or dream about. 

What’s your greatest challenge as a writer?

One of my biggest challenges as a writer is marketing to make book sales.  It seems as if marketing is a full-time job for which I work on commission, so to speak.  But marketing is necessary in order to make important connections.

And what has been your greatest triumph (so far)?

One of my greatest recent accomplishments was having Pen It! Publications pick up my children’s books.  I am very excited to have some of my newest work published by a traditional company!



Thanks Jen!!!!!