Your Dream of Dark Angels

Today I wanted to discuss and describe my current project, "Your Dream of Dark Angels." I've nursed it for about five years, but I've decided to finally finish it if I can. 

The story imagines what it might be like for a young Bruce Wayne / Batman, here named "Lucas Watts" so to not interfere with DC Comics, and also to declare he's mostly my own creation. 

Lucas is fifteen when the story begins, in the angst of high school, and trying to find himself as a person and his place in the world with his unique heritage and situation. He wants to fix the world, but he doesn't know how - but he does believe no one else is willing or has the power to do it, and he DOES. 

In the beginning of the story, the father of one of his good friends at school is found dead, and while it is declared  suicide, Lucas isn't so sure, and thus the rest of the story begins. 

There's no caped crusader or batman or any "vigilante" that truly makes an appearance here. It is more Lucas's story rather than anything else, though when he goes on some adventures, he calls himself, "The Monstrous," a creature manufactured to strike fear in the hearts of those who do evil in one way or another. 

I mix in a lot of ideas into the soup of the story, with examinations of Hamlet (Lucas is the Anti-Hamlet), old Roman Skepticism, asceticism, the question of justice, etc. etc.

It's really an exciting project, and I'm not sure how long the final result will be, maybe 200 pages, I don't know. But it's certainly capturing my attention right now. 

My friend Gisella also did illustrations for it, one of which is above. It's a great project. :)