What HAS Snee Been Up To?

Well, for one thing, I finished my 178 page epic poem, "Evil Land," and polished it with my editor, Clare. Now I've submitted it to a couple contests out there. I'll self-publish it eventually if there are no takers, I just feel I oughtta try the old fashioned way for poetry. I have a couple other chapbooks out at contests too... I was really productive this winter, and I'm only now starting to realize it. 

Otherwise, I have been working on a top secret project - an interactive novel / story-driven video game. It's called "Forgetter".  


In it, you play as a ghost in the afterlife who has forgotten who you were when you were alive, and your quest during the game is to remember. I've been nursing this idea for about five years, and one day about a month ago, I said to hell with it, I'm doing it. 

A month of 16 hour days later, the game is almost finished. Still a lot of work left, but I've gone over the hill and its downhill from here. 

THe game is nonlinear, and you can explore however you like, and most of it is just conversing with strange characters who are also ghosts as you try to solve your quest. It's quite cool!

I've attached some screenshots below for your perusal. I've done everything in this game myself, the images, the music, the story, the programming, everything. It's a lot of work!