It wasn't until I read (and re-read) the work of French modernist Gustav Flaubert that I really came into my own style. Even translated into English, there is a an efficiency and elegance there
that really speaks to me. I continue to read his books, trying learn what I can from a true master. 

As I've said I'm also inspired by Wide Screen and decompression from comic books in the late 1990's and early 2000's. I like focusing on my characters thoughts, actions, and speech, and nothing else. I don't like opining too much, and prefer my stories to speak for themselves. Like a great musician, it's not what I'm playing what I'm not playing. I want the reader to make their own decisions. 

I have nothing against ornate writing, or stuff that tells rather than shows. In fact, I read a lot of stuff like that. It's just not what I want or am capable of doing with my infinitesmal attention span.